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Customer Testimonies

Beth Bryant

Reality Check Inc.
Lowell, Ar.

Assorted Apparel

"Jason and his team have not only been a great company to work with but have become part of our business family. They care about their customers and have been supportive of the work we do with youth in the community. Way to go Jason!"

Adam Haynes

Central States Manufacturing
Lowell, Ar.

Apparel & Hats

"EMET sales has always taken care of our business with the utmost integrity. It is a lifesaver to have a local vendor that can respond quickly to our needs."
- Adam Haynes, Central States Mfg.

JR Kent

Unbroken (The Band)

Stickers (1 roll of 1000)


"Awesome service, awesome price, awesome products. We plan to do more business with EMET.

Chuck Pitts

Ranch Community Fellowship<
Cypress, TX


"Jason worked hard to satisfy our needs. He knew that we were interested in some nice marketing materials and called us when a vendor offered him a special price on printed mugs, passing the savings on to us. He was prompt and his prices were better than competitors. His artwork was beautiful, and he double-checked with us before printing--which not everyone does. Also, when a banner arrived with small flaws, he immediately had a replacement sent to us."

Hound of Hades (the Band)

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Purchased 60 shirts


Jason really did a great job. He kept in touch and let us know everything that was going. He worked with us and helped us out to make the final product even better. Jason does a great job, and we expect to have more business with him in the future and we strongly recommend him to everyone.

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