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About Emet Sales

The word "EMET" comes from the Hebrew language meaning "truthful & trustworthy."

EMET Sales Inc. has been a dream and passion of ours for many years. We felt there was a need for a sales company that was based on being truthful and trustworthy. Today, that is what we are doing. We attempt to give our customers the best prices and are constantly looking for new sources and better deals. We look for items that are on sale from the manufacturers and relay those savings to our customers. The prices we advertise are starting points, so some actual prices will be less than advertised. If you find a lower price somewhere else, let us know, and we will do everything in our power to beat our competitor's price. We are not in this business to make ridiculous sums of money, so our mark up is typically lower than our competitors.

Ultimately, we want to be able to truthfully tell you, the customer, that you have received the best prices possible.